S Jones Communications, LLC

Curriculum Vitae

Sheldon Jones has 40 years of experience in the communications field. His depth of expertise spans all public relations areas ranging from the creation and implementation of global reputation and ethics strategies to the management of devastating crisis situations to the promotion of international sporting events.

He began his career with Standard Oil Company (Indiana) in 1974 and has held various communications positions with Amoco, Phillips Petroleum Company, Imperial Chemical Industries, S Jones Public Relations (his own Denver-based agency), and CIBA a predecessor to Novartis. Following the merger that created Novartis, Sheldon accepted a Corporate Communications position with Novartis Corporation in 1996. In 1998, he was promoted to Vice President for US Communication in the Novartis Consumer Health Division and took on the global responsibilities of this role in 2000.

He assumed the role of Vice President of Communications for Novartis Corporation in 2001. In this role, Sheldon was responsible for overall Novartis communication activities in North America. In 2009, he was appointed Global Head of Corporate Communications for Novartis AG in Basel, Switzerland. His responsibilities included worldwide corporate reputation and advertising, brand management, media relations, issues management/crisis communication, and internal communications. As a member of the corporate executive team, some 500 communicators reported to him functionally.

Following his retirement from Novartis in 2012, Sheldon formed S Jones Communications, LLC. As a consultant, he draws upon his extensive experience to provide counsel to a variety of clients on public relations, corporate ethics and corporate advertising. He specializes in assisting corporate executives and communicators in managing significant issues and crisis situations, developing strategy to enhance reputation, communication ethics, and more.

In addition, Sheldon has formed Loco Lobo Music, a company featuring song-writing (songs he has written), album production, and performances of songs he has written in the “Country and early Rock” genres. The first album (Old Man) was released in July 2016 and is available through numerous distribution centers (locolobomusic.com).

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